Our beekeeping


We sell different bee products on our farm. Beside our marvellous honey we offer valuable propolis and fragrant beewax candles.  

Honey, a complete pure nature product, gets more and more importance. Not only for a healthy spread for breakfast, it is also a valuable sweetener. Even in wound healing is honey now well used.

Honey is also a popular give away product.



Propolis is a resinlike mass which is made from bees. Propolis is a mixture out of different substances which vary very heavy between the different manufacturer.


We produce in our apiary real beewax candles. In autumn we melt the gold-yellow honeycombs, which produce the bees with their hard work, and get that way the beewax. In our environment there are no with toxic spray treated flowers or trees, so our wax is completely clean of harmful substances.

The unique fragrance and the yellow color from a beewax candle makes them very sought.

On request you can help making candles. Thereby you have the chance to learn very old and different technics of making them.

If you are interrested in such candles we can offer you a big varity for sale.

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